LAE Web Site:

TO: LAE Members

FROM: Don Damm, President

DATE: January 2, 2009


1.          LAE Web Site: The site is up to date with the hard work of Sherri MacDougall, which also includes links to the Town site. The 2007 and 2008 Newsletters are there and they are worth reviewing, particularly, if you have questions about the road operations, fines for violations of the Land and Building Restrictions and OHR V / Golf Cart requirements for driving on LAE owned roads.

2.            Dock Space at the Marina for Motor Boats: Contact Jim MacDougall, Marina Chairperson, if you wish to request LAE Association owned dock space for members who do not have lake/river property. This is an annual requirement, so if you had dock space last year, you must contact Jim as soon as possible to ensure that dock space will be reserved for you. Your email or written request needs to be received by Jim no later than April 1, 2009 and include: (1) length, type, make, model, color and HP of your boat, (2) when you plan to install your dock and put your motor boat in the water ... best estimate and (3) email address, mailing address, LAE phone number and home or cell phone. Members who had a dock with a motorboat installed last year (on a timely basis) will receive first priority. New members will be handled on a first come, first serve basis. Contact Jim by email or by mail at 71 Roberts Drive, Weymouth, MA 02190.


3.            Deep Draw Down of the Pond for 2008: The State Department of Environmental Services (DES) turned down LAE's request for the third year in a row. The reason was the same as last year ... that the Lake Level Determination Report has not been finalized. DES conducted a public hearing on the Draft Final Report on August 25, 2008 at the Camp Morgan Lodge. Many of you attended that meeting, and hopefully our constructive comments were well received and will alter the draft DES recommendation of no more deep draw downs of Ashuelot Pond for weed control.

4.            Nominations for the Board of Directors and Officers: If you are willing to serve, please contact the Nominating Committee, listed below, no later than April 1, 2009. We are a volunteer organization and depend on the many hours of each Director and Officer to make this Association a constructive and responsible organization. If you wish to serve as a BOD Director or Officer, your name should be submitted to the Nominating Committee by April 1st,  so it can be processed and placed on the ballot in an orderly fashion. The BOD has voted not to accept nominations from the floor at the Annual Meeting scheduled for July 11,2009, because it adds confusion to the process and does not allow absentee voters a chance to vote for those nominees. If you are considering election to the Board of Directors or running for office (pres, VP, Secretary - Treasure & Asst Secretary - Treasure with Officers requiring a minimum of one year BOD experience), please contact a member of the nominating committee to determine what is involved and expected of a Director or Officer. Again, contact any of the following Directors of the Nominating Committee by April 1, 2009. Carolyn Russell, Chair at.495-3193, email; Karen Hunihan at 495-3448 email; Pat Liotta, 495-6151, email; Jon Bilski.495-0924, email

5.            Potential Maintenance Garage Relocation: Negotiations are now back on track to acquire approximately four (4) acres of land off of Stowell in exchange for logging rights. The Town has recently increased the minimum size of new lots from two acres to four acres. Steve Boucher is heading these negotiations regarding the legal requirements and agreements with the landowner, including having the parcel surveyed and presentation to the Town Planning Board.

6. Ice Storm in December 2008: As most of you know power was out for four (4) days in mid December. There appears to be minimal damage to houses. Your Association hired three outside contractors to immediately help in clearing the roads of fallen trees. This was in addition to Roger. Two members, Mike Hoffman and Don Turner (part of the Roads & Grounds Committee) accomplished extensive volunteer efforts for three to four days to help clear the roads. Mike Hoffman functioned as the lead for LAE to coordinate and manage this major road-clearing task. Thanks to their very hard work, power was restored as soon as it was, because the power companies did not have to take time to cut trees. When you see MIKE and DON, thank them for their many long days and hours they put in. Also, thanks to the other volunteers who helped clear the roads. This is a good example of the type of extensive volunteer effort that makes this Association so special. See the Special Item on the next page on where to take and dump your downed trees and limbs within LAE.

7.           Other Matters: As reminders, please review the material in the 2007 and 2008 Newsletters as it relates to these subjects:

(a) Save the lake - only high speed in the middle of the lake and in moderation.

As a word of caution, there is a new camp/retreat on the southeast part of the lake with many boys and girls using canoes, kayaks and sailboats throughout the day. This increased traffic will require your utmost attention.

  (b) Check and remove weeds from your boat and trailer before launching.

  (c) Raft at the Beach ... be careful, let's ensure we can continue to use it.

       No horseplay or diving.

(d) LAE road closure to heavy vehicular traffic on Sat, Sun, Holidays and during mud season.

(e) Goose poop on the Beach - Thanks for the help in cleaning it up this past

year. As volunteers, please continue to be proactive in cleaning it up.

(f) No pets at the LAE Beach and Beach Area.

(g) Drive slowly and carefully ... do not go over 20 mph, slower the better.

(h) Ashuelot Women's Group - Very active, call Nancy Damm at 495-3785.

(i) Fun and Games Day is the 4th Sat in July ... July 25, 2009.



To help with the clean-up of down trees and branches, a central location is designated in LAE at the Marina where you can bring your brush / limbs. Place them where the X is indicated on the map below. Do not block the turn­around area. This is only being offered through June 12,2009. Cut the trees into reasonable lengths. This is for LAE Members work only ... not Contractors.



Ashuelot Dr